Soft Belly Meditation by Stephen and Ondrea Levine (from Embracing the beloved)
This has beeen requested by popular demand at the recent Canterbury Recovery conference I spoke at. Its a very kind meditation, If you want  to try it get someone to read it out to you or read it and follow it yourself or put it on a tape/ audio file you can listen to.

End ‘Chemical Cosh’ for the "Mentally Ill”  Article published in The Big Issue ion Nov 08

by Daisy Greenwell

The quick-fix drugs solutions to her brother’s illness caused his early death, says Ana Galvin.

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World Congress ”Hearing Voices” 17th – 18th September 2009 This is a call for papers for an exciting international meeting next year.


Ignored: the mentally ill killed by drugs that are meant to help them

Campaigners plan to use World Mental Health Day to highlight discrimination within the medical profession against some of its most vulnerable patients

By Nina Lakhani
Sunday, 5 October 2008

We all hear voices, here is a poem called 'Getting Out of Jail' I wrote in Australia at the International hearing voices event (look out for next years World Congress on Hearing Voices in Maastricht in September). Below the poem is an explanatory text behind the idea that in a way we all hear voices.    

I wrote this for the Independent on Sunday on 7/9/08 to go with Nina Lakhani's piece which I will add at the bottom. The scope of the piece left no room for talking about how the label of schizophenia is an unhelpful one but both pieces make some important points nevertheless:

Rufus May, Clinical Psychologist: 'What's the point of guidelines managers and psychiatrists feel free to ignore?'

The Nice guidelines for Schizophrenia are all very ‘nice’ in theory but in reality they are not being put into practice.  Nice recommends choice, lower doses of medication and psychological treatments.  What is the point of guidelines that the many psychiatrists and managers feel free to ignore?

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This rap I wrote and performed at a debate at a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural therapy) conference 2 years ago, which included psychologists Richard Bentall, Max Birchwood and Peter Kinderman.

I was asked to discuss the future of CBT for psychosis
Its spreading across the country like Mixamatosis...